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Welcome to Electricity Monitors

Save up to 25% on your home or office electric bills by simply fitting in 5 minutes a wireless energy monitor to your supply.

See where all your power is going and how you can cut back on how much you use. You can also see how much CO2 you are contributing to the climate with the amount of electricity you use.

So buy a wireless energy monitor today and start saving money on your bills and also have more of an idea which appliances, gadgets and lights use the most electricity in your home.

Check out our full range of energy saving wireless energy and electric monitors by Clicking Here

Top tips on saving electricity in the home:
1) Turn appliances off instead of placing on standby.
2) Buy energy saving kitchen appliances.
3) Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy saving CFL types.

Helping Cut the cost of your home or office electricity bills and cutting your carbon footprint.
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